About Us

28 years in business have consolidated Dataprof as a key player in the national and European wholesale sector, specialising in the POV and Automatic ID technology.

Since 1988 we strive to provide our market with new solutions and technological products in POS and Automatic ID. This feature sets us aside from our competitors as we deliver new releases and cutting edge solutions to our channel of customers and distributors- always adapting to our customer needs in a sector in continuous evolution and development.

We aim to promote loyalty in our customers by meeting their expectatios and needs both in Pre-sales and Post-sales.
Our 28 year experience speaks for itself and is the best guarantee for those who chose to work with us.

We operate with world-class manufacturers such as Epson, Honeywell, Intermec, Top Vision, Gigatek-Promag, Heng Yu, Signotec, Ratiotec, Photosmart, Access, Vikintek, Advantech, Protech, etc.

We are a solid business reality which brings people, capabilties and technolgy harmoniously together with the main goal of satisfying our clients.

All of the above allows us to proudly stand among the main providers for top Spanish and European companies.